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The culture of "the customer is only mine" of “my know how is my secret"of "I do everything by myself, I don't need anyone's help"

for us it is obsolete

Enterprise OSS - Un Open Source Network

What does Open Source Network mean?

We believe in the connection between minds, in the sharing of ideas, in participation, in one word we believe in the networking.

Open philosophy points the way but this does not mean that the professionalism of the subjects involved and the solutions proposed can be neglected.

For this reason, among the many services we also offer ad hoc training on certain products, for those who want to become independent and maybe collaborate in the future with us.

Furthermore, in order to improve ourselves even more and to offer our customers and partners content of increasing value, we thought of founding an association.

Those who participate get several advantages, among the first a dedicated section on our portal where you can present your services.

Open Source Network

Enterprise OSS is for you if

  • You are an IT manager who wants to stay in touch with new colleagues in a dynamic environment oriented towards constant evolution
  • If you are a company that wants to be informed about the state of art of the open source world
  • If you are a young person who wants to learn new things and maybe you have the ambition to teach to the others your skills

Enterprise OSS isn't for you if

  • You think the customer it’s in love only with you and you don’t like to share anything
  • If you think you don't need anyone
  • If you know everything

Services for Enterprise OSS partners

Not associated

  • First level seminars included: 0
  • Access to the EOSS LAB: Full prices
  • Enterprise OSS services: Full prices
  • Web space on EOSS portal: N/D
  • Distinctive EOSS associated: N/D
  • Networking with EOSS members: Full prices
  • Networking with EOSS members: N/D
  • EOSS certification path: Full prices

Associate [more chosen]

240 /Year
  • First level seminars included: All
  • Access to the EOSS LAB: Special Price
  • Enterprise OSS services: Special Price
  • Web space on EOSS portal: 1
  • Distinctive EOSS associated: 1
  • Free paid annual events: Free
  • Networking with EOSS members: Free
  • EOSS certification path: Special Price

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