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Do you like open source? You want to use it professionally, you would like to have assistance on your favorite projects: Urbackup, Nextcloud, Proxmox, Ceph, Linux, Pfsense, Zimbra ..

You are a fun of the closed world: VMware, Hyper-V, Windows, Apple and would like to integrate it with open solutions?

You are curious, you like to know in which direction the world of
information technology is moving.

You are a developer and would like to know how to manage free software licenses.

You are an IT manager looking for a partnership with a group of
companies operating in your sector.

The professional open source blog is a safe harbor where you can get ideas, answers, information on all these worlds.

For us, open source is synonymous with free software for business.

Enterprise OSS – Open Source Turns Into Enterprise 

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OVHcloud engage

OVHcloud Engage

Trovare un articolo in cui si discorra di tematiche come la sovranità del dato, la sicurezza dei sistemi con relative certificazioni annesse, un’attenzione speciale alla

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Proxmox Backup Server

Proxmox Backup Server

Nell’universo dei prodotti Open Source uno strumento all’avanguardia e molto apprezzato dagli utenti è sicuramente Proxmox Virtual Environment (PVE). Una piattaforma di livello enterprise per

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