Formazione Open Source



Formazione Open Source


"Those who are not trained do not evolve"

Enterprise OSS - Formazione Open Source

Nothing truer and of course also valid in the IT field.

However we wanted to take a step further, we decided to make the know-how available to colleagues, professionals, students and in general to those who are interested in the open world.

This is the reason why the Learning division has been created in Enterprise OSS.

We know that the choice may seem unpopular, generally those who create business thanks to their knowledge keep them tight, but we believe in sharing and we are always looking for new partners and potential collaborators .. and what can be the best way to find them?

Formazione Open Source

Our open source training courses

licenze open source


Seminari svolti

19.02.2020 – Licenze Open Source e Modelli di Business


Corso Nextcloud


Webinar Facebook – Pagina Enterprise OSS

11.12.2019 – Webinar introduttivo su Nextcloud

formazione open source

Zeroshell / pfSense

formazione open source

Corsi svolti in EOSS Lab

18.09.2019 – Proxmox VE LVL1

23.10.2019 – Proxmox VE LVL2

Formazione UrBackup


Windows Server 2019


Seminari svolti in EOSS Lab

20.11.2019 – Windows Server 2019


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